夏令营暑假 Summer camp

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Summer camp is important so children can enjoy different?activities and have different family and school exercises?and experiences, This will help to improve the childrens? learning capabilities because it will open the up to new ways of? learning.

Let’s take a look at the IB Summer Camp where children?travel around the world~


Continents song


The fun Seven?Continents song is here! An educational song for kids!?


Now Let’s see some wonderful pictures of the children at?summer camp.


Who we are: Traveling around the?world

第一周老师们带领幼儿玩破冰游戏,让小朋友们之间互相了解,大家一起学唱了Seven continents songs,知道了七大洲在地球上的地理位置。

During the first week, the teachers led the children to play ice-breaking games to let the?children get to know each other. We learned to sing the Seven continents songs together. We learned the geographical position of?the seven continents .


Who we are: Exploring different?countries


During our time in summer camp we had so much fun! we were able to??explore and learn about the flags of 6 different countries, their animals, we made Egyptian headdresses, French Eiffle Tower, Canadian maple leaves and totem poles, and? making clothes. It was such a great time we?learned so much!?


Who we?are: the customs of different?countries


During the first week, the children learned about?each country. They also played flag map games. They began to make maps and landmarks. They also?learned the children’s songs of different countries, as well as the distinctive Brazilian grass skirt dance and the Samba dance.

Brazilian grass of IK1C

Who we are探究单元是对自我本质的探究:信仰与价值观;个人、身体、心智、社交和精神等方面的健康;各种人际关系,包括家庭、朋友、社区和文化;权利与责任;作为人的意义何在。

Who we are explores the essence of self: beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual? health; all kinds of interpersonal relationships, including family, friends, community and culture; rights and responsibilities; and what is the meaning of being human.


Sharing the planet on national day


The children have learned about each country through different means of inquiry. In order to have a better understanding of each country, children express themselves through different festival cultures in different countries.?

Sharing the planet探究单元是努力与他人及其他生物分享有限资源时的权利与责任;群体/社区以及他们内部及之间的关系;机会均等;和平与解决冲突。

Sharing the planet Exploration Unit is about rights and responsibilities when trying to share limited?resources with other people and other organisms; groups/communities and their internal and external- relationships; equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution. We have been on this planet for quite some time now and yet we still seem to have a problem with Peace and Conflict Resolution.


How we express ourselves


As the children learn?each country, the teachers?prepare books for them about the different countries. At the same time, the children and the teachers work together to produce the special? ?items of each country with different styles of art work. The class became the world museum in the hearts of the children.

How we express ourself 探究单元是我们发现和表达观点、情感、大自然、文化、信仰与价值观的方式;我们反思、扩展、享受我们创造力的方式;我们的审美鉴赏。

How we express ourself inquiry unit is the way we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture,beliefs and values; the way we reflect, expand and enjoy our creativity; our aesthetic appreciation.


How do we organize ourselves:? ? ? ? ? preparation for global travel


Now each class represents China, Australia,? France, Canada, Brazil, Egypt and other countries. Children can’t wait to learn more about other countries. They are ready to visit each classes?country. Let’s have a look at how the children?full prepared for their global tour. Let’s travel along with them.


埃及贴纸 Egypt stickers

金字塔状 Pyramid-shape

法国埃菲尔铁塔 Eiffel Tower

How we express ourselves探究单元是人类创造的制度与社区之间的相互联系;各种组织的结构与功能;社会决策机制;经济活动及其对人类与环境的影响。

How we express ourselves unit explores theinterrelationship between institutions and communities created by human beings;the structure and functions of various organizations; social decision-making mechanisms; economic activities and their impact on human beings and the environment.


Closing Ceremony


The pictures below shows our hard working teachers preparing for the closing ceremony of summer camp on Friday.

畅游6个国家Travelling in six?countries


In the end, the children held passports and played in six countries. In just two weeks, the children have learned about the local conditions and customs of six countries without going abroad. What a meaningful summer camp! Look forward to the next coming soon!




The semester begins in the middle of February (the? 16th day of the first? lunar month) in spring, and ends in early July or mid-July. Schools?begin to have a? holiday which is called Summer? Vacation because it is?during the hottest time in China. Most schools now end their summer holidays in late August, and some in? mid-August. Summer Holiday Is Coming!


假期时间Holiday time:

?2019628日学期结束,暑假从2019628日至92日。Summer vacation is from June 28 to September2, 2019.

假期活动Holiday activities


Parents cooperate with the school to supervise and complete the summer homework on time.

假期实践Holiday practice:


During the holidays, we should actively participate in social practice and accumulate practical ability.



No matter where it is, the first priority is to pay attention to safety and the harm of water, electricity and fire.

暑假安全The summer safety


?Traffic safety:Walk on the sidewalk. If there is no sidewalk, walk by the road. ?Look at the traffic lights before crossing the road.


Fire safety:?Use household appliances to meet safety requirements, do not?disassemble in disorder. When the appliances are used or people leave, the power should be switched off in time.


Drowning prevention:Don’t go swimming alone, let alone in unfamiliar rivers. Go swimming in the swimming pool with adults or people familiar with water as far as possible.



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